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Best known for his popular books on societies around the world, Sanford Holst has explored the wide range of history that makes us who we are today. These journeys have taken us to the societies of the ancient Mediterranean, to those of Medieval Europe, and even unique insights into what is around us in the present day. His adventurous travel to many different sites in America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East create spellbinding moments during his speaking engagements. 

His talks at universities in the USA and around the world are accompanied by the academic papers that resulted in his being elected to the Royal Historical Society in England. His informative websites are read by more than half a million people each year.

Sanford's book Templars: The Rise, Fall & Survival of the Knights Templar re-constructed the full history of those knights, tracing their roots back to Solomon's Temple and forward to the knights who survived the attacks on their Order in 1307. Those survivors had a surprising effect on events that happened later in Europe and even in the young society that emerged in America.

His more recent explorations come up to the present day by delving into the world of Baby Boomers, who turn out to have had a much greater influence in shaping our lives today than most of us realize.

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Finding ways we make life better for ourselves and those important to us has always been a deep interest of mine -- and it's one that many of us share. Our traditions and heritage seem to play an important role in that, since many of the things we do have their roots in events that happened much earlier. 

We all do better with the help of good friends.  I warmly thank the many caring people who have given me the benefit of their efforts and support for all these years. You know you can call on me whenever the need arises. May you all enjoy the best life has to give!

-- Sanford Holst

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